Dental Trauma

A girl with dental trauma holding her face at Select Care Dental in Redmond, OregonWhen we go about our daily activities, we are never sure of any sudden events that may happen. Accidents and injuries happen, and knowing what to do during such situations is very important for our recovery. Dental trauma occurs to many people more often than expected. Our professionals at Select Care Dental are well experienced at handling dental trauma and how to react to its occurrence.

What is Dental Trauma?

Dental trauma is any injury that may happen to the mouth. These injuries include harm done to the teeth, gums, jawbones, and our tongue. While dental trauma may cause injuries to the soft tissues in the mouth, the most common injuries usually happen to the tooth. Most cases may be a broken tooth, or even one or more lost teeth.

Types of Dental Trauma

Different injuries may result from dental trauma. Some of them are injuries to the tooth such as a chipped tooth, fractures in a tooth that may reach farther to the tooth root, or just be on the enamel. Subluxation is another common dental injury where the teeth get knocked loose. Intrusion may occur, as a situation where a tooth gets jammed into its own socket. One or more teeth may get knocked out of their sockets.
Fractures may also happen to the socket wall of a tooth, causing serious pain while making it hard for a tooth to stay in place. Fractures to the jaw bone could also occur. Soft tissue injuries may be injuries to the tongue, small or severe cuts to the lips and the gums.

How Does Dental Trauma Happen?

Oftentimes, dental trauma is usually caused by accidents. These may be accidents at home, falls, and vehicle crashes. Accidents also happen during sports, especially if it is a contact sport. Eating and chewing on hard meals, or drinking really hot beverages may also cause dental trauma.

How to Treat Dental Trauma

Depending on the nature of the injury, dental trauma may require a procedure. As soon as they happen, consider them a dental emergency and ensure that our professionals examine you. Most injuries from contact sports can be prevented with the use of customized mouth guards. Our professionals will examine the extent of the injury and recommend appropriate treatment options.

If a tooth is broken completely, you may require an extraction and consider a replacement option like the use of dental implants. Fractured teeth may require a filling, or a crown if it is significantly chipped. We may also need to carry out a root canal for a tooth with exposed pulps, or one that is severely dislodged.

Injuries that affect the jawbone may require procedures to build back the bone, and if the teeth are missing, getting dental implants will help to prevent further bone loss. If these injuries happen during contact sports events, our professionals will get you mouth guards that are designed for your mouth to prevent further dental trauma. Immediate response to dental trauma is necessary to protect your oral health and keep your smile intact, so talk to us at Select Care Dental today, by calling (541) 923-7633 to learn more.
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